Changes Coming to Customers at 2 Biggest PA Utilities

PA Utilities billing processes and rates can change. But it's not always bad. Learn if these changes by two major PA utilities affects your monthly bills and what you can expect.

PA Utilities Customers Face Changes

Major PA utilities are making changes to their billing and rates. Find out how it affects what you pay for your electricity.
Two major PA utilities are making changes to their bills. Learn if this affects you and what you can expect this winter!

Changes are coming to two of the largest utilities in Pennsylvania. PPL PTC rate changes are on the horizon. And for PECO customers, there are also changes to how you shop for electricity and read your monthly bill. Here’s how these changes will affect you. And how you can find the best electricity rate as at PA utilities.

PPL Customers Getting a Lower PTC Rate

The news is good for PPL customers. PPL recently posted their new PTC rate changes. And their PTC rate is dropping by nearly 10%. This will take the rate down from 12.126 cents per kWh to 11.028 cents per kWh. And so based on an average monthly useage of 854 kWh a month, you bill will go from $103 a month to $94 a month.

Shop and Save on Your PA Utilities Bills

Of course this is only if you stick with the PTC rate. We highly recommend shopping for a better deal and locking in that low rate for as long as possible.

For instance, the Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 13 plan is a 13 month fixed rate of only 9.49 cents per kWh. This means compared to the new PTC rate, you could save $13 a month. And with no early termination fees, if you find a better deal you can always switch. There is a $9.95 monthly fee to be aware of however.

Another option is the Constellation 12 Month Home Power plan. At a 12 month fixed rate 9.89 cents per kWh, you’ll save about $11 a month compared to the new PTC rate. And with no monthly fees, all of those savings are yours to keep. There is a $150 early termination fee to be aware of. But with Constellation’s high customer ratings, you’re sure to be happy with your service.

Changes to Electricity Shopping for PECO Customers

PECO customers will also see a lower PTC rate on December 1. Their residential default rate will fall by 8% from 9.672 cents per kWh to 8.917. Rates are already very competitive in the PECO service area and this may push them even lower!

With that in mind, customers who might be thinking about switching providers next year may see a smoother process. PECO announced a new Electric Choice ID to use when enrolling in an electricity plan with another provider. So what does this mean for you?

Instead of using your utility account number to shop for electricity, you’ll use the new electric choice ID. This will now be found in the “Shopping Information Box” on page two of your bill. In addition, customers who switch providers will no longer receive multiple bills in the same billing cycle from PECO. Instead, you will receive one bill reflecting all of the changes made during the regular billing cycle.

So, while supplier switching timelines won’t change, you should have an easier time understanding your bill.

Shop for Lower Bills with PA Utilities

It’s not just PPL and PECO that are making changes. With winter on the horizon and conflict in the Middle East, natural gas and electricity prices are expected to go up soon. Some utilities are already raising their PTC rates. The best way to avoid unwelcome changes is by shopping for a better rate. If you want to find a reputable electricity provider, read reviews, and get the lowest electricity rate, there’s only place to go. Visit

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