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Ever since switching to Rhoads....I've had nothing but problems. Oh, yes----they were more than willing to come out and repair/replace my dirty nozzleas and fuel pump on a practically new furnace BUT (sadly) never "choose" to correct the cause of the problem.Dirt!!!!! Doesn't matter if theirs dirt i my tank or their fuel. AFTER would've helped tremendously. NEVER ONCE....recommended a fuel filter but were more than happy to continue to service my furnace and charge me!!!Feel they took advantage of me AND knowingly did so. The office manager was rude (I was frustrated and not the kindest especially after being made to feel stupid)AND after admitting my tank needed a filter.....they wanted to charge me to do so. After spending (what "I " felt was a lot of money caused by their dirty furl

Jas from Manheim, PA on October 13th, 2022

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