Get Cheap Electricity Rates in Pittsburgh

The Duquesne Light Price to Compare makes it hard to save money. We make it easy! learn how you can beat the PTC rate and save money on cheap 12 month electric rates!

Avoid High PTC Rates in Pittsburgh

Get cheap electricity rates for your Pittsburgh home! Shop now and beat the DLC PTC price! Save money for a whole year with our plans!
Why pay that high Duquesne Light Price to Compare? See how you can save by shopping these cheap 12 month electric rates!

Are you frustrated with your high electricity bill? You’re not alone because. Most PA utility customers saw Price to Compare (PTC) rate hikes in June. The current Duquesne Light (DLC) PTC rate is high; 11.45 cents per kWh! Thankfully, you have way better options than PA Power Switch. The best way to avoid high PTC prices is to shop for an electricity plan with cheap rates that fits your needs. So, let’s check out four of the cheapest electricity rates in Pittsburgh to get you started. 

Shop Cheap Electricity Rates 

Want to find the cheapest rate you can get? Look to Santanna Energy Services and their Fixed Rate Electricity 12. At only 9.14 cents per kWh, it’s the lowest fixed rate 12 month plans on the market right now. You could save nearly $20 a month compared to the current DLC PTC rate. And as a bonus, there’s no monthly fees! However there is a $120 early termination fee to be aware of. If you want to lock in the lowest rate you can for 12 months, this is the plan for you.

Save with a Trusted Electricity Provider 

Do you want a provider with a stellar track record? Then Constellation and their 6 Month Home Power Plan is the choice for you. It offers a fixed rate of only 9.89 cents per kWh. You’ll save nearly $15 a month compared to the current PTC rates. And, there’s no monthly fees. Plus, Constellation has fantastic reviews. There is a $150 early cancellation fee. But with only a 6 month term, these savings will carry you through to spring when you can find another great low rate.

Keep Your Electricity Rate Low All Year Long

If you want to keep your savings for the year, but our first option isn’t for you, don’t worry. We have two more providers with low rates.

Want to avoid hefty cancellation fees? Check out Frontier Utilities and their PA Frontier Secure Power 12. With a 12 month fixed rate of 10.09 cents per kWh, you’ll save $12 a month on the current PTC rate. The plan does carry a monthly $9.95 charge. But with no cancellation fees, you have the freedom to switch if you need to.

Our last plan is the APG&E True Simple 12. With a 12 month fixed rate of 10.18 cents per kWh. There is a $150 cancellation fee and a monthly charge of $1.95. But, you’ll save about $11 a month compared to the current PTC rate. Those savings can add up in a tough economy! 

Don’t Miss Out on Cheap Electricity Rates

Hopefully these plans get you excited to shop for cheap electricity rates. But you want to hurry. Natural gas prices could start creeping back up soon, and then these deals are gone. The best place you can compare rates, read provider reviews, and shop for the perfect plan is all at one place. Visit to start saving today!

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