Declare Your Independence with the Best Electric Rate in Philadelphia

Happy Independence Day, Philadelphia! Liberate yourself from that rising PECO electric rate and shop plans now!

Find the Best Philadelphia Electric Rate

Shop the best electric rate in Philadelphia! Declare your independence from the tyranny of high monthly bills and save!
Make your summer sparkle! Set yourself free from rising PECO bills when you shop for a cheap electric rate!

When you see electric prices on the rise, you’re sure to feel a surge of frustration. And if you have a variable rate plan, you may feel uncertainty not knowing how high your electric rates are going to go. The best way to know how much you’ll pay per kWh is to secure a fixed rate. Declare your independence this summer with the best electric rate in Philadelphia!

Lowest Price Electric Rate

The lowest priced plan in Philadelphia now is the American Power and Gas Clean Energy Plan. Unfortunately, this ultra low rate of just 5.99 cents per kWh lasts for just one month term. After this introductory rate ends, the rate almost doubles. While this is a great way to buy more time to shop, you’ll want to move to a new fixed rate plan by the end of your first month.

Lowest Fixed Rate

The cheapest fixed rate plan is the Constellation 36 Month Home Power Plan. You can lock in a low rate of 11.49 cents per kWh for 36 months. You won’t pay a monthly recurring charge with this plan. However, Constellation charges a $150 early termination fee if you cancel the contract early. As a bonus, Constellation is a high rated company on the PA Energy Ratings scale. 

Why These Plans Top the PTC

Both previously mentioned plans may be more ideal for you than the PECO Price to Compare, which is currently 7.637 cents per kWh. When you go with your local utility, there’s no guarantee your electricity rates will stay low. That’s because the state approved supply auctions that determine the rate follow market rates. But when you choose a fixed rate plan, you know exactly how much you’ll pay per kWh throughout the term of the contract. That’s why locking in a fixed rate plan can shield you from rising prices.

Lock in a Low Electric Rate Today

Don’t take a chance getting burned by rising variable rates increasing your electric bill. Sign up for a low price fixed rate electric plan today! Visit for a list of plans and electric companies in your area.

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