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OBNOXIOUS PUSHY DOOR TO DOOR ENERGY SALES! We are in Bristol, PA and a few minutes ago someone starts ringing our doorbell over and over for 30 sec straight.

When I get to the door I'm immediately getting the "hi are you in charge of making decisions about electric etc for the household". I reply "I'm not interested" and start back inside and this lady has the audacity to think that she's ENTITLED to my time and informs me that I NEED to listen to her. Guess again!

I finally have to tell her - cause she is NOT listening "This is my house. You are now trespassing and if you do not leave I will call the police". And she's like "you can do what you like I don't care blah blah". I finally actually have to tell her off and just slam the door.

Congrats your people are SO Obnoxious that I will now post this review EVERYWHERE I can and hopefully hurt your bottom line.

Jeff K from Bristol, PA on August 25th, 2018

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