PA Gas Switch

What is Energy Deregulation?

In 1999, the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act was passed in Pennsylvania, giving consumers the ability to choose their own natural gas supplier. This act enabled a deregulated natural gas market that has grown to include over 500,000 customers across the state. Residential and commercial customers can now shop for their preferred natural gas supplier (NGS) easily with Choose Energy by entering their ZIP code at the top of the page. Deregulation of the energy market offers customers a unique opportunity to save money on their natural gas bills. When individuals look at their natural gas bill, it includes two sections: distribution (also sometimes listed as delivery charges) and supply charges. The distribution of natural gas through pipelines is handled by local utility companies. Supply charges, usually shown as the price per Mcf (1000 cubic feet) or Ccf (therm), are charged by the supplier. By shopping around and selecting the best offer, customers can save on their energy bills.

What is the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission?

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PPUC) was established in 1937 and oversees the competitive natural gas market in the state. The PPUC certifies natural gas suppliers operating in Pennsylvania to ensure they meet all requirements for doing business. Also, the PPUC offers PA Gas Switch, an online tool allowing consumers to compare natural gas options in their area.

How is Choose Energy Different than PA Gas Switch?

Choose Energy's independent marketplace allows customers to compare natural gas suppliers in their area. Customers can use PA Gas Switch to compare natural gas plans, but Choose Energy provides additional benefits. Choose Energy offers an easy-to-use marketplace that displays natural gas rates, contract lengths, and the customer's estimated yearly cost. By using Choose Energy, customers can find the best prices available and sign up quickly and easily.

What are Some Natural Gas Rates and Plans Available in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvanians have access to many natural gas options, including various rates and plans. The price of natural gas may be fixed, meaning it will stay stable throughout the length of the plan, or variable, meaning it has the potential to fluctuate. There are also plans that feature green energy or other special rewards. Some of the most common plans include:
  • Fixed-Rate Plan: A plan with a rate that remains constant over a specified period.
  • Variable-Rate Plan: A plan with a rate that is subject to change based on market conditions.
  • Green Energy Plan: A plan that features renewable energy sources such as solar power.
  • No-Deposit Plan: A plan that doesn't require customers to make a large deposit.
  • Prepaid Plan: A plan with flexible payment options that allows customers to manage their budget.

What are the Benefits of Shopping for Natural Gas in Pennsylvania?

Shopping for natural gas in Pennsylvania offers a variety of benefits. For example, customers can save money by finding the best rate available. Additionally, customers have more freedom to select their preferred natural gas supplier, and customer service and contracts tend to be more flexible. Finally, customers can take advantage of green energy plans that support renewable resources like solar power.