Pennsylvania Electricity Switch: Frequently asked Questions

Pennsylvania Electricity Switch: Frequently asked Questions

Customers should always be looking for the cheapest electricity rates available in Pennsylvania's highly competitive deregulated power market. There are several important questions that should always be asked when shopping for the best electric plan. When searching online to compare electricity rates, one should first enter their correct zip code into the comparison websites search box. Numerous local power provider choices should then be instantly listed with the top plans, lowest rates, easiest terms, and contract flexible contracts lengths available on the Pennsylvania power market.

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6 Frequently Asked Switch-Over Questions:

How do I know who to buy electricity from?

Consumers should make sure that the new electric supplier that they want to switch is licensed to serve them by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. An easy way to both find a Pennsylvania electricity provider, and also make sure that they're allowed to provide power in your jurisdiction, is by using the PPUC Utility/Authority search web page at

How do I know what I'm being charged?

Customers should always find out first if they're getting the best electricity rates per-kilowatt-hour on a power plan. They can easily do this by looking at the provider's required Electric Supplier Disclosure Statement (ESDS). This method is the most efficient way to find the cheapest prices when you're considering switching. Make sure to find out the most pertinent parts of the contract terms and also the length of the power agreement.

Can I switch after signing up?

Pennsylvania has an open utility market which allows consumers to choose from several different available electricity providers. To avoid cancellation fees in an existing service agreement, be very careful to go through the current power plans ESDS disclosure first, before switching, just in case of any early termination fees, or preexisting contract stipulations concerning switching over to another electricity provider.

How do I switch electricity providers?

One can switch electric providers in Pennsylvania by both calling up their old electricity supplier and canceling current service, or, by signing up for new service through a competing supplier's website. After the supplier change, the new provider will notify the customer?s old electric utility. The customer is then contacted by their old electric utility provider through the mail in order to verify the new change in electric suppliers.

How long does it take to switch?

Once the customer has switched to a new electric provider, the time that it normally takes for the change to occur depends on the plan holder's electricity distribution company. The actual switch date will also depend on the power customers next scheduled meter reading date; usually within three to eight weeks.

Will service be interrupted if I switch?

There is normally no interruption or change in service during the switch-over to another electricity provider - As long as the proper steps are taken through the appropriate utility providers. IE: Through your old provider or a competing electricity provider which is licensed and authorized to offer power plans in your area.