Why Use PA Energy Ratings

Why Use PA Energy Ratings? Because it saves you Time and Money, That's why!

When you're looking around for the best electric rates in Pennsylvania don't go-it-alone. If you want to find the cheapest electric companies in the state, let us do all of the hard work for you. PAEnergyRatings.com totally understands how the PA deregulated market works. They quickly and conveniently provide you with the top licensed energy providers in your area, plus their plan options. We also rate each plan offered and give you a forum with honest consumer feedback and first-hand information from actual utility customers.

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We Make Choosing Energy Providers Easy

We eliminate the time-consuming research that's always involved for the consumer when they're trying to find the most economical utility plans available. PA Energy Ratings allows consumers to compare both electricity and natural gas rates from the same site unlike PA Power Switch and PA Gas Switch. PA Energy Ratings also provides links to in-depth utility agreement stipulations, fees, and contract termination penalties by linking to legally required utility plan disclosure forms, provided by law directly from the power providers; saving you money by giving you the best choices possible.

How PAEnergyRatings.com Works

We don't charge you a thing. Our service is quick and easy to use, and what's more, it's absolutely free. No waiting forever to get information back on a utility contract. When using our energy rating website, you simply have to enter your zip code, and then a wide variety of providers, plans, and average power quotes will immediately be at your fingertips. Click on the plans that fit your specific needs, and then pick a utility agreement from the best provider, with the easiest terms, and the lowest power prices. It's that simple!

We Work for Consumers not Companies

PA Energy Ratings works for the consumer, not the power companies. That's why we always will put your best interests first, by providing an open, unbiased forum, which allows consumers to tell their own experiences with the power providers and the plans that they chose. Honest consumer feedback is part of our rating process. It keeps us in touch with you, the utility customer, as we help to keep you in touch with the best electricity rates in Pennsylvania.

Start Comparing Electricity Plans and Providers Now!

No need to wait any longer, or look any further for a website that can help you find the best energy plans from cheap electric companies in Pennsylvania. By using PAEnergyRatings.com, you can compare and order energy service in minutes. Just enter your zip code into our location search box, and then select electricity or natural gas. You will immediately gain access to everything you could possibly need in order to choose the best possible electricity service agreement; including term lengths, rates and fees, cancellation stipulations, and full utility plan disclosures from the power providers. Read other customer's utility reviews on our website, or write one of your own about your experiences with a certain utility plan or power company.