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  A storm went through and this is the 2nd day that they couldn't figure it out to get our lights back on. When I called the lady was like they hired contractors and worked through the night and still can't get it fixed. Like wow really!!! thats hard to believe because it shouldn't take 28 hours this is the 21st Century and all parts are easy to get to . I don't feel they are telling me the whole story and I don't think they its an honest answer. how can you hire employees that are just saying anything to get the customer to shut up. My husband is sick and needs his medicine in the refrigerator and she was like Make a Claim....wow really! My spouses health is much more important than try to make some claim and fight for refund on a $5000 medicine that is going bad. During these times of the Covid 19 Virus going around. I am taking my own precautions to save his meds because as you can see they are not and I will just have to lose food. When I looked at the outage map this morning it didn't even show my zip code.

April 9th, 2020

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