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Billing is rediculous

(2.4 / 5)

  I received a $248.90 bill for gas ($24.78) and electric ($224.12) The bill has sky-rocked from last Month (which was warmer through out the whole month). I called and was told it was due to the weather. Which certainly doesn't seem right. I live in a apartment community in the smallest 1 bedroom in the whole complex.I also work at the complex and know what a lot of people are paying for their PECO. I am paying more than a 2 bedroom townhome. Which those folks have to heat/cool a first and a second floor. The SAME thing happened last year for the July bill except that was even higher in the $350 range. I called and tried to explain this but I was transferred to have an Audit done which of course you have to pay for as well. I am Just at a loss for words currently. I am very disappointed in their billing.

August 2nd, 2018

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