24 Months Fixed details

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24 Months Fixed

Plan Type:
Term Length:
24 months
Early Termination Fee:
Monthly Recurring Charge:

9.90¢ / kwh

24 Months Fixed rates through time

About CleanSky Energy

Titan Power and Gas was licensed by the Pennsylvania PUC in 2016, and operates in Ohio and New York as well. As a new market entrant Titan has positioned itself as a PA Electricity provider that features easy to understand rates. And by and large they are. Titan's Fixed rate plans found on PA Power Switch are under PP&L and PECO's Price to Compare rates. You should recognize that Titan does charge a $5.95 monthly base fee that adds .075 cents per kWh to your rate at 800kWh/ Month. At this point we have limited reviews for them and have ranked them at 2.9 stars.

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